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Rae Linden

Animal Communicator, HealerMedical Intuitive

"There is a sacred space in your mind, fueled by the energy of the heart, from which you can communicate with all living things." 
                                   Rae Linden, B.S., M.A.



Rae Linden

I find animal communication to be quite real and quite amazing.  It consists of dialog back and forth with the animal and, in most cases, distant or remote healing.  The majority of people who call me have a dog, cat or horse with health problems, injuries or behavioral issues.  Some are contemplating euthanasia and wish to have their thoughts and feelings conveyed.  In my work, I have found animals to be very open and honest about their wants and needs and usually quite willing to do what they can to please their owners.



Wendy Roy

Glam~Granola. Where Glamour
and Wellness Unite
Wendy is the Author and Founder of


Wendy Roy, author and vocalist from Boston, MA

“Welcome to the intelligently trendy family of women now known as…Glam-Granola® girls!” says Wendy Roy, who coined the term that means one who is glamorously earthy. The conscientious and holistic do-gooders of our world now have permission to look good while doing good!” she says.
Roy is especially proud of the program she developed to help create green, healthy and attractive workspaces that foster peace, happiness and productivity, while working as an administrative assistant for The Clean Air Association of the Northeast States.
Her latest accomplishment is the completion of a hip coffee-table book called You Know You’re a Glam-Granola® Girl If…, which is a celebration of women who are fashionably holistic.


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